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I'm Diogo Barroso.

Informatics and Computing Engineering Msc. Student Game Developer Programmer

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I'm currently in the 5th year of the Master in Informatics and Computing Engineer, in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. My areas of interest are Game Development, Artificial Intelligence and Security. I'm also the President of the General Assembly of the Computer Graphics Nucleus in the Faculty, where we make some projects related to our areas of study.


I'm an Android enthusiast, swimmer and professional pun-maker.

  • Fullname: Diogo Miguel Sousa Barroso
  • Birth Date: July 22, 1993
  • Address: Rua das Baldidas, 45 4435-625 Baguim do Monte, Porto, Portugal
  • Mobile Phone: (+351) 934 373 015
  • Email: iamdiogobarroso@gmail.com


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  • 85%
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    Web Development

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September 2011 - present

Integrated Masters in Informatics and Computing Engineering

In this course, I've learned about Programming, Computer Graphics, Game Development, Software Engineering and other important subjects. It gave me the basics to be able to make a difference as an Informatics and Computing Engineer.

Other Activities


September 2015 - December 2015

Computer Graphics Student Group @ FEUP

With some peers, I've been able to reignite the group and recruit enough members to be able to gather some interesting projects the Group has been working on. Here, I've been working on Computer Graphics and Game Development.

President of the General Assembly

December 2015 - present

Computer Graphics Student Group @ FEUP

Due to the recruitment success, help was needed to restructure the Group, since the past objectives and rules didn't apply anymore. Thanks to everyone's help, the Group is back.

HeartBits 2016

February 2016

Honorable Mention

GestaMed is an offline mobile app to help pregnant women track their medication and know what will or will not affect the pregnancy.
Article reference by Mike Elsmore, from IBM.

Where to find me

Rua das Baldidas, 45
Baguim do Monte, Porto, Portugal

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Skype: Diogomsb
Mobile: (+351) 934 373 015