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I'm Diogo Barroso.

Informatics and Computing Engineering Msc. Student Game Developer Programmer

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I'm currently in the 5th year of the Master in Informatics and Computing Engineer, in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. My areas of interest are Game Development, Artificial Intelligence and Security. I'm also the President of the General Assembly of the Computer Graphics Nucleus in the Faculty, where we make some projects related to our areas of study.


I'm an Android enthusiast, swimmer and professional pun-maker.

  • Fullname: Diogo Miguel Sousa Barroso
  • Birth Date: July 22, 1993
  • Currently at: Porto, Portugal
  • Mobile Phone: (+351) 934 373 015
  • Email: iamdiogobarroso@gmail.com


These are my relevant skills

  • 85%
  • 85%
  • 80%
  • 80%
    Game Development
  • 75%
    Web Development

Projects and credentials

These are some of the most interesting academic and professional events.


Hand Warfare

October 2017

Augmented and Virtual Reality @ FEUP

Made as an assignment for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Hand Warfare is a 1v1 fun AR game that puts a spaceship in the players hands, making them shoot each other in order to survive. At times, shields with spawn in the screen, collected by the first player to catch hit, guaranteeing that they will not suffer any damage for a few seconds. Developed using Unity and Vuforia, this game runs on an Android device using the front facing camera.


July 2017

Game Jam at the Museum by Porto Graphics

In the first portuguese Game Jam hosted in a museum, the theme was "Paint the Map", with a clear reference to the portuguese golden age in the XV and XVI centuries. The team developed a game in which the player had to reach Japan, trading items and fighting pirates. Made in about 36h using Unity.

Hyper Drone Racing

April - June 2016

Computer Games Development @ FEUP

Hyper Drone Racing is a prototype for a 3rd person 3D racer with flying drones. Players must fly through the air while crossing checkpoints represented by floating hexagonal arches. This game was developed as the final project of a Game Development class; the visual design, 3D models and assets were created by colleagues from the Design course; audio effects were developed by colleagues from the Multimedia course.


Game Developer

May 2017 - October 2017

Caterpillar Math

Developed a mobile game and tested it with real users, while attending entrepreneurship workshops in Portugal and in a 7 weeks immersion period (6 weeks at Carnegie Mellon University and 1 week in San Francisco, at CMU's Silicon Valley Campus). This was part of a Carnegie Mellon Portugal 6 months program to assess business viability for startup ideas.

The developed game consists in a shape used in Singapore Math, that allows to represent the relationship between quantities and perform basics arithmetic operations like addition and subtraction. This shape is composed by 3 circles, 1 of them bigger than the other two, that are the same size. The bigger circle is connected to the other two by edges, representing the sum of those two parts. To complete the equation, the player must drag and drop the needed pieces and validate the answer by shaking the device (if using a phone or tablet) or pressing Space (if using the web version). This is just a prototype, it may contain errors or placeholders to represent intended features. Despite looking a bit confusing at first, a lot of kids worldwide are using this method in schools to learn math. This game just makes it digital and a little more gamified, allowing even more kids to play it and actually enjoy math.



September 2011 - present

Integrated Masters in Informatics and Computing Engineering

In this course, I've learned about Programming, Computer Graphics, Game Development, Software Engineering, Computer Vision, Augmented and Virtual Reality and other important subjects. It gave me the basics to be able to make a difference as an Informatics and Computing Engineer.

Other Activities

President of the General Assembly

December 2015 - present

Computer Graphics Student Group @ FEUP

Due to the recruitment success, help was needed to restructure the Group, since the past objectives and rules didn't apply anymore. Thanks to everyone's help, the Group is back.


September 2015 - July 2016

Computer Graphics Student Group @ FEUP

With some peers, I've been able to reignite the group and recruit enough members to be able to gather some interesting projects the Group has been working on. Here, I've been working on Computer Graphics and Game Development.

HeartBits 2016

February 2016

Honorable Mention

GestaMed is an offline mobile app to help pregnant women track their medication and know what will or will not affect the pregnancy.
Article reference by Mike Elsmore, from IBM.

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Porto, Portugal

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Skype: Diogomsb
Mobile: (+351) 934 373 015